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Photo Credit: Andy Sheppard
Space Shuttle Cockpit SimulatorHello and welcome to the cockpit of a space shuttle simulator. My name is Jerry and I will be your pilot for this adventure into the history of space exploration. I have always been interested in the exploration of space.

When I was growing up, I lived on the family farm in rural Nebraska. I guess you could say at that point in my life my feet were firmly planted on terra firma. My mind, however, was dreaming of exploration. Space exploration ignited a fire in me that has never been quenched.

My window into space at that time was provided by the family's black-and-white 21-inch television.  How thrilling it was for me to bear witness to the greatest adventure in the history of mankind.  In my own small way, I felt like a participant.  Like a reporter on the scene, I captured photos from the television coverage with an antique Kodak box camera.  Thus began my pursuit of preserving the history of space exploration.

I have always wanted to become an astronaut.  I have not yet achieved that goal, but the drive did lead to a rewarding and productive career as an electrical engineer and computer scientist. It has also involved me in many space adventures right here on the Earth.

It is my hope that in some small way, this museum may ignite a spark of excitement for exploration within you. Whether your dreams are on this planet or if they are out in space, always do your very best and enjoy the adventure. Aim high!

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