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STS-124 Return
Gerald-Fest A
Gerald-Fest B
Gerald-Fest C
Apollo 7 40th


 The Biggest Birthday Candle My photographs from the launch of STS-124.   Photo Credits: Mine
Mary, Astronaut Mike Mullane, and Jerry at the KSC Saturn V Visitors Complex
Mary, Astronaut Mike Mullane, and Jerry at the KSC Saturn V Visitor Complex
STS 124 Awaits Liftoff from Launch Pad 39A
STS-124 Awaits liftoff from launch Pad 39A
Main engine start
STS-124 main engine start
SRB Ignition for STS-124
SRB Ignition
Liftoff of Discovery on STS-124
Liftoff of STS-124
Liftoff of STS-124
Starting to emerge from behind the launch tower
STS-124 clearing the tower
Discovery comes into view
STS-124 leaves Pad 39A behind
STS-124 has cleared the tower
STS-124 is a very bright birthday candle
STS-124 raining fury on launch pad 39A
Up, up, and away
Up, up, and away
Setting sail for the heavens
Setting sail for the heavens
Discovery sails beyond its flag
Discovery sailing beyond its flag
STS-124 goes behind a cloud
STS-124 passes behind a cloud
STS-124 emerges from behind the cloud
STS-124 emerges from behind the cloud
X marks the spot
X marks the spot
Heading down range
STS-124 heads down range
SRB Seperation photo 1
SRB Seperation Photo 2
SRB Separation Photo Sequence 1
SRB Separation Photo Sequence 2
SRB Seperation Photo 3
SRB Seperation Photo 4
SRB Separation Photo Sequence 3
SRB Separation Photo Sequence 4
Birds flock around launch pad 39A
Post Launch Birds flocking around Pad 39A includes a NASA Security helicopter.
NASA scheduled the launch of STS-124 for May 31, 2008.  By sheer luck it coincided with my birthday.  If the launch occurred on time, that would be the biggest birthday candle that I ever had.

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