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Cocoa Beach
121 Scrub #1
121 Scrub #2


 Scrub #2 and the Grand Floridian

Photo Credits: Mine
Astronaut Memorial at KSC Visitor Ccomplex on Sunday before scrub #2
Clouds and the American flag reflected in the Astronaut Memorial at KSC before  scrub #2
The STS-51L crew etched in the Astronaut Memorial
The STS-51L crew names etched in the Astronaut Memorial
Names of the STS-107 crew etched in the Astronaut Memorial
The STS-107 crew names etched in the Astronaut Memorial
A view of the Grand Floridan Hotel from the concierge level
A view of the Grand Floridian Resort from the concierge level after we checked in.
Lexie, Wayland, and Mary on a boat to go back to the Grand Floridan Hotel
Whose the happiest person at Disney World?
Fireworks on Sunday night from our balcony
A spectacular view of the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom on Sunday night
Wayland, Buzz Lightyear, and Leixe
Wayland's new best friend Buzz Lightyear and Lexie
The next day the weather looked awful.  It was raining.  I had zero confidence that a launch was going to happen.  We still had to head over to the space center, just in case there was a miraculous break in the weather.

We made our way to the conference room at the Visitor Center Administration building. Some of the partiers from the night before looked to be moving a little bit slow.  We were a little tired and we got to bed probably 3 or 4 hours before they did.  It was a tough turn around for them.

At 1:14 PM, the announcement was made that the launch was scrubbed again. We were lucky.  The launch was scrubbed within an hour of the time that we arrived at KSC.  This time we did not even make it out to the Banana Creek viewing site.  We were waiting in the Visitor Complex Administration building when the scrub was called.

I don’t think anyone was too disappointed with the early scrub that day.  The prospects of a launch looked to be about zero with all the clouds and the rain.  So it made more sense to just stand down and wait for a better day.

We got in our car and headed over to Disney World.  We were scheduled to check into the Grand Floridian hotel that afternoon.  The Cocoa Beach Hilton was not bad, but the Grand Floridian would be a serious upgrade.

When we checked into the Grand Floridian, they told us that our reservation was upgraded to the concierge level.  This was awesome.  You can quickly get spoiled by staying on the concierge level.  We were on the fourth floor and our balcony had an exquisite view the Magic Kingdom.

When the bell man brought our luggage to the room, Wayland engaged him in a long conversation.  We watched in amazement as Wayland just chatted away with the bell man.  The bell man asked Wayland if he knew who the “Big Cheese” was.  Wayland did not know so the bell man explained that the “Big Cheese” was Mickey Mouse.  Finally Wayland let the bell man go to resume his normal duties.

This was Wayland’s first trip to Disney World and he had a blast.  Lexie had been there several times in the past but still had a great time.  Of course this is the best destination in the world for Mary; she just loves it at Disney World.

One of the characters that Wayland really wanted to meet was Buzz Lightyear.  When we were over at the Magic Kingdom, we noticed that Buzz was appearing over in the Tomorrow Land area.  We told Wayland over there.

When Wayland saw Buzz, he got so excited that he just could not contain himself.  He took off running full speed towards Buzz.  Unfortunately his desire exceeded his coordination.  Wayland stumbled and went down in a heap on the pavement.

I went up to Wayland and helped him up.  He had skinned his hand somewhat when he fell.  I asked Wayland if he was all right.  Wayland looked at me incredulously.  His response was, “Well, no!’  Okay, I’ll grant you that I already knew the answer before I asked the question.

Wayland took it like a real trooper.  We got in line for Buzz and when Wayland got up to meet Buzz, Wayland was all smiles.  Later we got a whirly toy of Buzz Lightyear and Wayland just loved it.  In fact Buzz accompanied us out to the next launch attempt.

The concierge level was great for kids and adults alike.  They had free beer and wine at happy hour for the adults.  The kids had every kind of desert imaginable as well as soft drinks, juices, and milk.

Wayland loved the cupcakes.  Well, he did not care for the cake part so much but he loved the frosting.  After he licked the frosting completely off of his cupcake, he asked if he could have another one.  I looked at Mary and she said “Sure, why not, he’s on vacation.”

The story continues on Tuesday, the fourth of July.  For this part of the story follow the STS-121 link.

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