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A rare glimpse of the inside of the massive Vehicle Assembly Building These photographs were recorded by me during a VIP tour before the launch of STS-112.
Photo Credits: Mine
A closeup view of the outside of the VAB
The NASA meatball on the side of the VAB
A view of the tall doors on the VAB
The largest NASA meatball in the world
Inside the high bay of the Vehicle Assembly Building
Forward segment of a space shuttle SRB
The tour group inside the high bay of the VAB
A  Solid Rocket Booster forward segment
Looking up in the Vehicle Assembly Building
Space Shuttle Discovery being prepared in the VAB
Looking up inside of the gargantuan VAB
Space Shuttle Endeavour being prepared for flight
One of the stops on our VIP tour of the Kennedy Space Center facilities was the Vehicle assembly building.  This building is where the space shuttle solid rocket boosters are assembled.  It is also where the external tank and the shuttle orbiter are mated with the solid rocket boosters on the launch platform.

It is difficult to get a real feeling for the size of the VAB until you are inside of the buliding.  Often flash photography is not permitted in the VAB do to the volatile nature of the solid rocket booster segments and explosive ordinance present.

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