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Delayed by a hurricane threat to Houston Mission Control These photographs were recorded by me during a VIP tour before the launch of STS-112.
Photo Credits: Mine
Atlantis prepared for liftoff on Pad 39B
Atlantis is prepared for liftoff on launch pad 39B.
I'm at a photo op near the launch pad.
Atlantis nestled in the Rotating Service Structure
I'm at a VIP photo op for the launch of STS-112
Atlantis nestled in the rotating service structure
A view of the flame trench
A view of pad 39B showing the flame trench
A view with the water tower in the foreground
Another persctive of pad 39B.
A view with the water tower in the foreground
The long and winding road up to Pad 39B
A side view of Pad 39B
A view of launch pad 39B from the opposite side
Taking APC-4 out for a spin.
Closeup of APC-4
Taking APC-4 out for a spin
A close-up of APC-4
APC-3 positioned for service at the astronaut slide wires.
APC-3 is ready for service at the bottom of the astronaut slide wires near a bunker.
I was in Florida as a VIP guest of NASA for the original launch window of STS-112.  My friend Tom Celentano had arranged for our VIP passes as a guest of NASA Deputy Director Fred Gregory.

Unfortunately, the STS-112 launch was delayed to October 7, 2002 because Houston's Mission Control was threatened by hurricane Lisa.  This weather delay caused resulted in my missing a shuttle launch for the first time.

The effort to see the STS-112 launch was not in vain.  The day before the original launch window was to open, NASA treated Tom and I to an outstanding VIP tour of the KSC facilities.  These photos show Atlantis poised for launch on Pad 39B

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