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Preparing ISS hardware for flight
These photographs were recorded by me during a VIP tour before the launch of STS-112.
Photo Credits: Mine
A view of ISS components being prepared for launch.
A view inside the Space Station Processing Facility
ISS payload transfer container.
Raffaello cargo transfer module.
ISS hardware transportation canister
The Raffaello cargo transfer container
Leonardo caro transfer module.
Another piece of ISS hardware being prepared for flight.
The Leonardo cargo transfer container
An ISS solar panel truss
Cape Canaveral Lighthouse
A close-up view of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse
Delta rocket being prepared for launch.
Mercury Redstone on Display at CCAS
A Delta rocket  being prepared for launch
A Redstone rocket at the CCAS Museum
One of the stops on our VIP tour of the Kennedy Space Center facilities was the ISS Processing Facility.  This building where the components for the International Space Station are prepared for flight.

We also got a  photo opportunity with the Cape Canaveral lighthouse.  Mary and I love the charm of lighthouses, so that stop was really special.

The bus drove around the Delta rocket launch complex and we saw a Delta rocket on the launch pad being prepared for flight.

Our bus tour also included a stop at the Cape Canaveral Air Station Museum.  This site is flush with history from the very early days of space exploration.

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