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Space Journal

Over the years, I have closely followed mankind's exploration of space.  Although I am not involved directly with the space program in my career, I still maintain close ties to this endeavor.

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet many of the astronauts involved in the early phases of the exploration of space.  I have met 6 of the 7 original Mercury astronauts and all twelve of the men who have walked on the Moon. I have met 23 of the 24 men who have flown to the Moon. In total I have met over 150 astronauts and cosmonauts.  Two of these astronauts I am proud to call my friends.

In this journal, I describe some of these experiences.  For me this is an archive of my memories. For you it may provide some insight into these space exploration pioneers.  

I have also had several viewing opportunities involving the Space Shuttle program and unmanned rocket launches.  You will find descriptions of these events and actual photos that I captured when the events happened.  With these journal entries I hope to convey the sense of wonder and awe that I felt when I experienced them.

In order to put these events into historical context, I have included them in a time line with major news events from around the world.

There are also a few personal events sprinkled in that were important in my life even though they don't directly relate to space exploration.

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