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  MR-4 Collection

"T" Coupling
Umbilical Wire

Mercury Redstone 4

Photo Credits and Image Copyright: EarthToTheMoon.com
Mercury Redstone 4 Umbilical Wire
Rick Boos Statement Of Authenticity For Umbilical Wire
Wire Segment From Liberty Bell 7 Umbilical Head
Rick Boos Statement of Authenticity For Wire
This artifact is a segment of wire from the umbilical that connected power to the Liberty Bell 7 spacecraft during the launch procedures for Mercury Redstone 4.

The wire segment and display container was obtained from Rick Boos.  Mr.  Boos obtained the spacecraft umbilical head from which this segment was extracted from Launch Pad leader Guenter Wendt.

A statement of authenticity from Mr. Boos reads,

"Statement of Authenticity.

I Rick Boos, do hereby certify that this strand of wire was removed by myself from within the flight-used MR-4 "Liberty Bell 7" spacecraft umbilical head on February 25, 2000.  Said spacecraft umbilical head was obtained from Launch Pad Leader Guenter Wendt by myself on NOvember of 1993.  The spacecraft umbilical head played an integral part in the launch operations in that it provided all electrical power to the spacecraft up to the T-minus 30 second mark, at which time it was ejected from the receptacle, located just beneath the spacecraft periscope and the spacecraft went onto its own internal power.

Only two spacecraft umbilical heads were salvaged during the entire Project Mercury program.  Al Shepard's M4-3 plug, which was given to him as a post flight given by the launch team, no resides in the Astronaut Hall of Fame Museum an  the M4-4 plug that Guenter Wendt kept for his own collection until he sold it to me in November of 1993.  Certified By: Rick Boos March 6, 2002"

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