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Freedom 7 Flown Parachute SwatchThis artifact is a one inch square of rip-stop nylon that was cut from the parachute that slowed the descent of Mercury spacecraft Freedom 7.

The artifact was obtained by the Earth To The Moon Air and Space Museum from space artifact dealer Ricky Lanclos.

The swatch is attached to a presentation piece that states, "Freedom 7

May 5, 1961 NASA launches Cdr. Alan B. Shepard Jr. atop a Redstone Rocket, onboard a Mercury Spacecraft, which he named Freedom 7, a sub-orbital flight lasting 15 min. 22 sec. Maximum altitude 116 miles, 297 miles down range.  Recovery was in the Atlantic aboard the USS Lake Champlain.

This is to certify that this swatch of parachute cloth made of rip-stop nylon is an actual piece of Alan Shepard's Mercury Space Craft Parachute.

Ricky Lanclos
Space Artifacts."

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