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  MA-8 Collection


Mercury Atlas 8

Photo Credit and Image Copyright: EarthToTheMoon.com
                      Compass From Wally Schirra's Mercury Atlas 8
                      Flight Front View
                      Compass From Wally Schirra's Mercury Atlas 8
                      Flight Back View
Wally Schirra's Personal Compass From MA-8
Back View Of Wally Schirra's MA-8 Compass
This compass was flown on the Mercury Atlas 8 flight in the Sigma 7 spacecraft by Astronaut Wally Schirra.

These images show the front and back of the compass.  The back  is covered with black velcro.

This compass was consigned for sale by Astronaut Schirra in the March 26, 1995 space auction.

It was lot number 46 in this auction.  The lot description from the auction catalog stated, "46. Compass Flown Aboard Wally Schirra's Mercury Flight.  A small plastic compass which Schirra took with him on his Mercury mission.  Velcro has been attached to the back."

This lot did not sell in the auction. It was purchased after the auction by The Earth To The Moon Air & Space Museum in a private transaction with Odyssey Auctions.

Later a type written statement of authenticity personally signed by Wally Schirra was obtained by the Earth To The Moon Air & Space Museum through Odyssey Auctions.

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