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Battery Section

Mercury Atlas 7

Photo Credit and Image Copyright: EarthToTheMoon.com
Mercury Atlas 7 Flown Battery Fragment
Mercury Atlas 7 Flown Battery Fragment
Mercury Atlas 7 Flown Battery Plate Top View
Mercury Atlas 7 Flown Battery Plate Bottom View
This lucite presentation contains a fragment from an Eagle Picher battery that flew with the Aurora 7 Mercury Spacecraft.

The gray square with the dark line across it in the center of the Lucite is the battery fragment.

A gold information plaque is also encased in the Lucite. The back of the plaque is inscribed, "A Fragment Of Eagle Picher Battery S/N 282 Used In Mercury Spacecraft no. 18 Flight of Astonaut Carpenter May 24, 1962."

The artifact was obtained by the Earth To The Moon Air and Space Museum through an eBay auction.

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