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Mercury Atlas 6

Photo Credits: EarthToTheMoon.com
Flown Heatshield Core From Friendship 7The triangular shaped piece, that is embedded in a lucite cylinder, is a section from the flown heatshield  of Friendship 7.

Friendship 7 was the first American manned spacecraft to orbit the Earth.

The outer surface of this heatshield section has been charred black by the fiery reentry.

This artifact was consigned for auction in the Spring 2004 Space & Aviation Memorabilia Auction conducted by Aurora Galleries on April 24, 2004.

This was lot number 116 in that auction.  The auction catalog stated, "Lot: 116 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug (1.5 x .75") encased in a clear Lucite cylinder (3x2") that is engraved on the bottom: "MA-6 /  Feb. 20, 1962 / John Glenn". There is a hole drilled vertically through the heat shield in the  right hand corner.  This is the first time we have offered a Flown heat shield plug from the flight. Rare.  FLOWN? Yes."

This heatshield specimen was obtained by the Earth To The Moon Air & Space Museum from the Aurora Galleries auction.

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