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  G-X Collection


Gemini Titan X

Photos Credit and Image Copyright: EarthToTheMoon.com
Gemini X Flown Heatshield Core
Gemini X Flown Heatshield Core Side View
Top View Of Gemini X Heatshield Core
Side View Of Gemini X Heatshield Core
This artifact is a core section from the flown heatshield of Gemini X.   This artifact was part of Gemini X Astronaut Michael Collins  personal collection.  The heatshield core is encased in Lucite.

Inscribed on the Lucite is "Gemini X - July 18-21, 1966".  The Lucite piece was stored in a cardboard box on which was hand printed "Gemini Ten Heat Shield".

Michael Collins consigned this artifact for auction to Aurora Galleries. It was  auctioned in their Fall 2004 Space Auction as lot number 146. 
The description in the auction catalogue stated, "146 Flown Heat Shield Plug (.5x.5x1.5") encased in a clear Lucite cylinder (3x2.5") that is engraved on the bottom: "Gemini X. July  18-21 1966". Pristine condition in its original box. The owner has written: "Gemini Ten, Heat Shield" on the top of the box. Ex. the astronaut Michael Collins collection. Flown in Space? YES."

The Earth To The Moon Air & Space Museum acquired this artifact from the Aurora Galleries auction.

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