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AP 16 TV 1
AP 16 TV 2
AP 16 TV 3
AP 16 TV 4
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Apollo 16

Photographs of the television coverage from Apollo 16 as it happened in 1972.  Photo Credits: Mine
Astronaut Duke At Work
Young and Duke Collecting Samples
Duke On The Surface Of The Moon
Young and Duke Collect Samples
Young and Duke Collecting Samples
Closeup of Sampling Activity
Astronaut Duke Hammers On A Boulder
Closeup Of Sampling Activity
Astronaut Hammering In A Core Tube
Closeup Of An Astronaut
Astronaut Hammers A Core Tube Into The Surface
Closeup Of An Astronaut
Astronaut Near House Rock
Orion On The Moon
Astronaut Near A Huge Boulder
Lunar Module Orion On The Moon
Here are more images that I captured during the Apollo 16 mission.

The last three images on this page have a lot of brightness issues.  As I was photographing the Apollo 16 mission, I experimented by turning down the brightness and increasing the contrast on the television.  My goal in doing that was to obtain a more realistic image showing the black void of space.  Unfortunately my settings for that series of photos was too extreme.

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