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AP 16 TV 1
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Apollo 16

Photographs of the television coverage from Apollo 16 as it happened in 1972.  Photo Credits: Mine
Crew Walkout
Crew Walkout By Duke, Mattingly, and Young
Apollo 16 Saturn V Launch
Saturn Staging
Transposition and Docking
Staging Of The Saturn V's First Stage
Transposition and Docking
Earth After TLI
Moving In Closer To The LM
A view of the Earth after TLI
Mission Control Prior To Landing
A Tense Mission Control Prior To PDI
Astronaut on the surface at Descartes
Apollo 16 was the next to last manned exploration of the Moon.

In April of 1972 I was 13 years old.  I followed the exploits of Young, Duke, and Mattingly from my window into space.   As with previous missions, That window was the family's black and white television.

Perched in front of the television set, I captured images with a Kodak camera.  I also recorded the audio on a cassette tape recorder.

On these journal pages for Apollo 16,  you can view some of those images.  Credit for all photos on this page is mine.

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