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AP 14 TV 1
AP 15 TV 1
AP 15 TV 2
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Apollo 14

Photographs of the television coverage from Apollo 14 as it happened in 1971.  Photo Credits: Mine
Mobile Equipment Transporter Astronaut Near MET
Mobile Equipment Transporter Near LM Astronaut At Work Near Antares
Alan Shepard Hits A Golf Ball Alan Shepard Hits A Golf Ball
Alan Shepard Hits A Golf Ball On The Moon Alan Shepard Hits A Golf Ball On The Moon
In Flight Press Conference
Waiting For The Recovery Team
In Flight Press Conference CM Kitty Hawk At Sail In The Pacific
Command Module Kitty Hawk Waiting For Recovery
Apollo 14 Crew Exits Recover Helicopter
Waiting For Recovery
Apollo 14 Crew On Board USS New Orleans
Apollo 14 was the first mission to the Moon after the near tragic Apollo 13 mission.  Apollo 14 Astronauts Shepard and Mitchell would explore the Fra Mauro region of the Moon.  This was the intended destination of Apollo 13.

During the Apollo 14 mission I was 12 years old.  I just could not get enough news about space exploration. One of my favorite hobbies had become photographing space exploration as it happened.  Although my live view was limited to the television, it was still an exciting way to bear witness to history.

The television broadcasts from the Moon on Apollo 14 were certainly an improvement over the broadcast from Apollo 11.  However, the clarity still left a lot to be desired.  In some aspects, the ghostly images emphasized that this activity was indeed happening on a foreign world.

On these journal pages for Apollo 14,  you can view some of the images that I captured from the television during the mission.  The photographs and negatives are more than 30 years old.  It is no small miracle that they have survived the ravages of time.  As a typical 12 year old I was not the most organized collector on the planet.

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