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Apollo 9

Photo Credit and Image Copyright: EarthToTheMoon.com
Apollo 9 Flown Crew
                      Patch Front View
Apollo 9 Flown Crew
                      Patch Back View
Apollo 9 Flown Crew Patch Front
Apollo 9 Flown Crew Patch Back
This crew patch was flown on the Apollo 9 mission.  It came from the artifact collection of Apollo 9 Commander James McDivitt.  Astronaut McDivitt placed the patch up for auction through Novaspace's Astro Auction.  It came with a Novaspace certificate of authenticity signed Jim McDivitt.

The certificate of authenticity states : "Jim McDivitt Flown Artifact, I certify that this Apollo 9 mission patch was flown by me aboard the mission.  It is from my personal collection and recently gathered and presented to Novaspace for dispersal to collectors of artifacts from the great "space race" and the golden era of space exploration.  CDR Gemini IV, CDR Apollo 9, DIR Apollo Lunar Landings, Jim McDivitt, certified by Jim McDivitt"

The flown crew patch and certificate of authenticity from Astronaut McDivitt were acquired by the Earth To The Moon Air & Space Museum  from the Novaspace auctio
n on February 23, 2007.

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