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Apollo 1

Photo Credits: EarthToTheMoon.com and NASA
Gus Grissom's
                      Geological Hammer And Field Kit
Gus Grissom's
                      Geological Hammer And Field Kit
Grissom's Geological Hammer And Field Kit
Grissom Field Kit And Accessories
                      Grissom Geology Training In Arizona
                      Grissom Note Of Authenticy
Gus Grissom Using Geological Hammer
Note Of Authenticity From Betty Grissom
This artifact is the geological hammer and field kit that issued to Astronaut Gus Grissom.  Astronaut training for potential lunar landing missions included extensive geological training.  This equipment was used by Astronaut Grissom during some of his training.

Included with this kit was a photograph of Astronaut Grissom using this hammer at the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  Also seen in the photograph is fellow Mercury Astronaut Gordon Cooper.  The accompanying hand written note from Grissom's wife Betty declares, "This rock hammer was used by Gus Grissom in his astronaut geological training.  The photograph was taken March 1964 at Grand Canyon, Arizona. Betty Grissom."

The Grissom family consigned this equipment for auction in the Space & Aviation Memorabilia Auction conducted by Aurora Galleries on November 8, 2003.  This was lot number 393 in that auction.

The description in the auction catalog stated,
"Lot : 393 Gus Grissom's 'Lunar Geology Hammer & Field Equipment' manufactured by Roy Gfeller of Big Timber, Montana.

Included are his Geology Hammer (and leather belt attachment) as well as a separate matching leather case containing 1) his unused 'Loose leaf Field Notebook' (as issued by the US Dept. of Interior Geological Service and filled with grid-lined pages), 2) a ball point pen, 3) a pocket magnet and 4) a Dietzgen/Excello ruler (in a separate holder) with 1:24,0000 ft and 1:25,000 ft scales on one side and 1:62,500 ft and 1:31,680 (2"= 1 mile) ft scales on the other. 

The hammer shows minor wear around the point and on the handle . Otherwise all pieces are in exceptional condition.

An 8x10" color photo taken 3-12-64 during geological training at the Grand Canyon, Arizona shows Grissom hammering a rock with this hammer while Gordon Cooper looks on.

A spectacular addition to any collection.  A consignor's certificate of authenticity is included. Ex. An Astronaut Family's collection."

The Earth To The Moon Air & Space Museum acquired this artifact from the Aurora Galleries auction.

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