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Apollo 17

Photo Credit: Earth To The Moon Air and Space Museum
Apollo 17
                        Flown FlagThis American flag was flown to the Moon on Apollo 17.  It was presented originally to George M. Skurla.

This presentation was auctioned off by Aurora Galleries International on May 31, 2003.

This was lot number 630 in that auction.  The description in the auction catalog stated, 'Lot: 630 Flown U.S. Silk Flag (6x4") mounted on an 11x14" multicolor certificate of authenticity from NASA that reads: NASA/John F. Kennedy Space Center / George M. Skurla / Presented in Appreciation of your role in the success of the  Apollo Program.  This flag was carried around the moon by the Apollo 17 Astronauts December 10-14, 1972.  The certificate appears to have been hand signed by Kenneth Debus, NASA administrator.  The certificate is lightly toned (mainly on the reverse) and is extremely rare in any condition. Mr. Skurla was the head of Grumman operations at the Cape at this time.  He went on to head the company before his retirement.  Ex: the George Skurla collection. Flown'

The Earth To The Moon Air & Space Museum acquired this artifact from the Aurora Galleries auction.

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