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Apollo 17

3D Map Photo Credits and Image Copyright: EarthToTheMoon.com NASA Photos Credit: NASA
Apollo 17 3
                      Dimensional Map Of Landing Site
Close-up Of
                      Apollo 17 3 Dimensional Map Of Landing Site
3 Dimensional Map Of Taurus-Littrow Landing Site
Close-up Of Landing Site On 3-D Map
                      Representation of Apollo 17 Landing Site
View Of Apollo
                      17 Landing Site From Orbit
Artist Depiction Of Taurus Littrow Landing Site
Taurus Littrow Landing Site From LM Challenger
This artifact is a three dimensional map of the Apollo 17 Taurus Littrow landing site.  The map appears to be constructed out of plastic.  The size of this map is approximately 33 inches tall by 45 inches wide.  The South Massif (mountain) on the map is approximately 4 inches tall.  The scale of the map is 1:40,000.

Obviously, 3 dimensional maps such as this one were invaluable tools for the astronauts to be able to visualize their landing sites.

The artist depiction of the landing site was done by Jerry Elmore.  The photo of this artist's depiction came from the McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company, Huntington Beach, California - Photographics Services - Print No. SSC-044669.

The 3 dimensional map was consigned for auction in the Fall 1995 Space Memorabilia Auction conducted by Superior Stamp & Coin, an A-Mark Company.  The auction was held on October 28, 1995.   This map was lot number 798 in that auction.

The description in the auction catalog stated, "798. 3D Map of the Apollo 17 Landing Area (45x35") This NASA plastic map includes the locations of the LM landing area, 4" tall North and South Massifs (lunar mountains) and all major craters.  This is the first time this map has ever been offered for sale to the public."

The Earth To The Moon Air & Space Museum acquired this artifact from the Superior Stamp & Coin Auction.

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