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Apollo 13

Photo Credit: Earth To The Moon Air and Space Museum
Apollo 13 Flown Equipment Strap
Apollo 13 Flown Storage LockerThis equipment strap was flown on the Apollo 13 mission.  It is a strap from an equipment locker designated A8 that was stored in the command module Odyssey.  The photo  of the equipment locker shows the position of this strap on the locker.

This strap was placed up for auction by Superior Galleries in their Fall 1998 Space Memorabilia Auction on October 31, 1998.

This was lot number 1234 in that auction.  The description in the auction catalog stated, "1234. Flown Equipment Strap (8.5x1") from the A8 (AFT) stowage locker.  This locker was mounted on the 'floor' of the Command Module below the crew couches.  The locker was removed post-flight.    Copies of the transfer papers are included as is a color photo of the complete locker.  Hardware from this flight is scarce."

The Earth To The Moon Air and Space Museum acquired this artifact from the Superior Galleries auction.

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