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Apollo 13

Photo Credit and Image Copyright: EarthToTheMoon.com
Apollo 13 Flown Patch Display
Apollo 13 Flown Beta Cloth Patch
"Steeds For Apollo" Lithograph With Flown Patch
Apollo 13 Flown Beta Cloth Patch From Jim Lovell
This framed presentation features a flown Apollo 13 beta cloth patch along with a lithograph of the painting Steeds For Apollo.

This painting was the inspiration for the Apollo 13 crew patch.

The lithograph has been hand signed in pencil by the entire Apollo 13 crew along with the artist  Lumen Martin Winter.

This presentation was put together by Novaspace and sold on behalf of Astronaut James Lovell.

A certificate of authenticity signed by Captain Lovell accompanies this piece.

The Earth To The Moon Air and Space Museum acquired this artifact presentation from a private space collector.

The original painting now resides behind the bar at Captain Lovell's restaurant in Lake Forest, Illinois.

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