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Apollo 12

Photo Credit and Image Copyright: EarthToTheMoon.com
Apollo 12
                      Insurance Cover from Pete Conrad Front View
Apollo 12
                      Insurance Cover from Pete Conrad Back View
Apollo XII Insurance Cover from the Charles Conrad collection. (Front)
Apollo XII Insurance Cover from the Charles Conrad collection. (Back)
This postal cover was an insurance cover for the Apollo 12 astronauts during the Apollo 12 mission. It was originally in the Charles Conrad collection.

The cover is postmarked on November 14th, 1969.  The front has the mission emblem for Apollo 12 with the names of the command module Yankee Clipper and the lunar module Intrepid.  Below the emblem is a gold set of Naval Astronaut Wings.  The stamp affixed to the cover is an Apollo 11 "First Man on the Moon" 10 cent stamp.

The back of the cover has been inscribed by Astronaut Conrad : "This Apollo XII crew signed envelope is from my personal collection Charles Conrad Jr. CDR Apollo XII."

This artifact was consigned for auction in the April 2007 Regency-Superior Stamps, Space  & Collectibles auction on April 21, 2006.

This artifact was lot number 451 in the auction catalog.  The description in the auction catalog stated, "451: 1969 Insurance Cover. A striking cover boldly signed by Charles Conrad, Dick Gordon and Alan Bean with a special multicolor Crew Patch and Naval Aviator's Wings cachet and a KSC launch cancel.  The cover is boldly notated on the revers: "This Apollo XII Crew-signed envelope is from my personal collection/ Charles Conrad, Jr/Commander Apollo XII. Striking and Rare.."

The Earth To The Moon Air &  Space Museum acquired this artifact from the Regency Superior auction.

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