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Apollo 11

Photo Credits and Image Copyright: EarthToTheMoon.com
                      Armstrong's Childhood Microscope Set
                      Armstrong's Childhood Microscope Set
Neil Armstrong's Childhood Microscope Set
Neil Armstrong's Childhood Microscope Set
Instruction Booklet From Neil Armstrong's
                      Microscope Set Inscribed By His Mother
Letter Of Certification For Armstrong
                      Microscope Set
Instruction Booklet Inscribed By Neil's Mother
Letter Of Certification By Rick Boos
This Microset microscope set belonged to Neil Armstrong when he was a young child in Ohio.  It was given to him as a Christmas present by his parents, Stephen and Viola Armstrong.  Many years later this microscope set appeared for auction at the estate sale of the Armstrong's.  A friend of Mrs. Armstrong, named Rick Boos, purchased this microscope set at the auction.

This microscope set was consigned for auction by Mr. Boos in the Odyssey Auctions Space Autographs And Memorabilia Auction on March 26, 1995.  This was lot number 101 in that auction.

The description in the auction catalog stated, "Neil Armstrong's Childhood Microscope Set.  The authentic "Microset" comprised of a microscope, specimen collection jar, glass slides and other accessories used by the young "scientist" while a child.  The young man could never have guessed that his early interest in science would lead to a lifelong fascination in the earth and universe, culminating with his becoming the first man in history to walk on the moon's surface.  One of the most unique Armstrong items to ever come to the market, the set is museum quality.  Originally obtained from Armstrong's mother, Viola L. Armstrong by the consignor, who was family friend.  As evidence of this, copies of several letters to the consignor from Mrs. Armstrong are included.  Also included is a letter of authenticity from the consignor.  A unique and important item from the biggest figure in the space program."

The Rick Boos Letter of Certification which accompanied this lot states: "I, Rick Boos, do hereby certify that this "Model 2 MK 125 power Microset" microscope is authentic and as represented herein:

1. That: Said "Microset" once belonged to and was once the childhood property of one, Neil A. Armstrong, and was given to him as a childhood Christmas gift ( year unknown ) by his parents, Stephen and Viola Armstrong. ( See enclosures).

2. That: Said "Microset" was kept by Neil Armstrong's parents (Stephen and Viola) after Neil moved out and remained at their residence until the date of the estate auction.

3.  That: Said "Microset" was purchased at the Stephen and Viola Armstrong estate auction by Rick and Diana Boos on October 5, 1988.  Said Armstrong estate auction was held at the Anglaise County fairgrounds at Wapakoneta, Ohio ( Neil's childhood hometown ) with Armstrong family members in attendance including Neil.

4. That: Nothing has bee added to said "Microset" since the original date of purchase.

5.  That: Nothing has been removed from said "Microset" since the original date of purchase, with the exception of remnants of three broken glass slides."

Certified by: Rick Boos  October 19, 1994"

The Earth To The Moon Air &  Space Museum acquired this artifact from the Odyssey auction.

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