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Apollo 11

Photo Credit and Image Copyright: EarthToTheMoon.com
Buzz Aldrin's Apollo 11 Flown
                      Command Module ID Plate
Buzz Aldrin's Flown Apollo 11 Command Module Equipment ID Plate Desk Presentation
This Sheaffer desk set was presented to Astronaut Buzz Aldrin upon the completion of Apollo 11.  Affixed to the desk set is a spacecraft ID plate that flew with the Apollo 11 command module. This ID plate was removed from the spacecraft after it returned from the Moon and was made into this presentation for Astronaut Aldrin.

Astronaut Aldrin placed this artifact up for sale in the Superior Galleries 1993 Space Auction on January 11, 1993.   In that auction this was lot number 247.  The description in the auction catalog incorrectly identified this as an ID plate from the Lunar Module. However, based upon the spacecraft number it actually came from Command Module, Columbia.

The description from the auction catalog states "247 Lunar Lander equipment plate, 5x10" Sheaffer black marble desk set double pen holder on which is mounted in the center a 31/4x13/4 brass plate (on red velvet) inscribed "Apollo 11/Spacecraft-107/Part No. V36-000002-III/Neil A. Armstrong/Lt. Col. Michael Collins USAF/Col. Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. USAF/Launch date--7-16-1969. The pens are missing but a striking piece overall."

Pens were obtained from a similar vintage Sheaffer desk set and placed in the holders to restore the desk set's original appearance. The Earth To The Moon Air and  Space Museum acquired this artifact directly from the 1993 Superior Galleries auction.

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