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Apollo 10

Photo Credit and Image Copyright: EarthToTheMoon.com
Apollo 10 Flown Crew Patch
Apollo 10 Flown Crew Patch Back View
Apollo 10 Flown Crew Patch Front View
Apollo 10 Flown Crew Patch Back View
This artifact is an Apollo 10 mission patch that was flew on Apollo 10.  It comes from the artifact collection of Apollo 10 Lunar Module Pilot Eugene Cernan.

The patch was placed up for auction by Novaspace Space Memorabilia Auction on January 26, 2008.  The description in the auction catalog reads : "Flown on Apollo 10 rare "Grumman" (Lion Bros.) Apollo 10 patch, flown aboard Apollo 10.  The more typical AB emblems NASA patch is shown in another picture.  The Grumman patch is much nicer, with better dimensionality to the art.  Tom Stafford's identical flown patch sold at a recent Swann auction in NYC for almost $10,000!  Signed on the back by Cernan as Flown.  Signed COA, also."

The flown patch was acquired by the Earth To The Moon Air & Space Museum  from the Novaspace auction.

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