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Apollo 10

Photo Credit and Image Copyright: EarthToTheMoon.com
Apollo 10 Flown Heatshield Core Front View
Apollo 10 Flown Heatshield Core Back View
Apollo 10 Flown Heat Shield Core Front View
Apollo 10 Flown Heat Shield Core Back View
This artifact from Apollo 10 is a Lucite presentation piece that encloses a core section of the flown heatshield that protected the crew during the fiery reentry.

The back side of the piece has information about the flight.  It states, "Apollo 10 - Lunar Voyage : CSM / LM Lunar Rendezvous : The Final Man-Machine Flight Test Before Man Lands On The Moon : May 18, 1969 Thru May 26, 1969 : 31 Orbits Around The Moon : Temp. Of H/S Ablator 4200 degrees F : Reentry Speed 24,760 M.P.H."

This presentation piece was produced by the Space Division of North American Rockwell, which was the prime contractor for the Apollo Command Module.

It was acquired by the Earth To The Moon Air & Space Museum  from a private individual from Los Angeles, California.

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