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Gemini VIII

1966 World Events

January 12: The first episode of the television series "Batman" debuts on ABC.

February 3: the Soviet Union's Luna 9 makes the first soft landing on the Moon.

February 9: On the financial front, the Dow Jones Industrial Average hits a record 995 points.

February 16: The United States launches unmanned Apollo AS-201.  It is the first flight of the Saturn IB vehicle.

February 9: The Soviet Union crash lands space probe Venera-3 on the surface of Venus. It is the first space probe to reach the surface of another planet.

February 28: Astronaut candidates, Charles Basset and Elliot See are killed when their jet crashes into a building at an airport in St. Louis, Missouri. They were attempting to land at the airport in adverse weather.

March 16: Neil Armstrong and Dave Scott are launched on Gemini Titan VIII to attempt the first docking in space.  After docking, the mission goes awry and the astronauts must make an emergency landing.  To relive that landing through the eyes of a 7 year old follow the Gemini VIII link.

March 31: The Soviet Union launches space probe Luna 10 destined for the Moon.

April 3: Luna 10 becomes the first spacecraft to orbit the Moon.

April 18: "The Sound of Music" is awarded the Oscar for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.  "The Sound of Music" wins a total of four Oscars. The movie, "The Great Race", wins the Oscar for Best Effect/Sound Effects.

June 2: The United States Surveyor 1 probe makes a soft landing on the Moon at Oceanus Procellarum.

June 3: The United States launches Gemini Titan IX-A with astronauts Thomas Stafford and Eugene Cernan.

June 6: Gemini IX-A splashes down after the completion of its mission.

July 18: The United States launches Gemini Titan X with astronauts John Young and Michael Collins.

July 21: Gemini X splashes down in the Atlantic Ocean with Astronauts Young and Collins upon the completion of their mission.

May 23: The rock and roll band the Beatles release the song "Paperback Writer."

May 30: Racing driver Graham Hill wins the Indianapolis 500.

September 8: The first Star Trek episode, "The Man Trap" is broadcast on network television.

September 12: The United States launches Gemini Titan XI with astronauts Pete Conrad and Richard Gordon.

September 15: Gemini XI with astronauts Conrad and Gordon splashs down in the Atlantic Ocean upon the completion of their mission.

November 1: United States Air Force Pilot Bill Dana flies the X-15 rocket plane on flight number 174.  Dana reaches an altitude of 306,594 feet, which qualifies him for Air Force Astronaut Wings.

November 8: The United States launches the final manned Gemini mission, Gemini Titan XII with Commander James Lovell and Pilot Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin.

November 15:  Gemini XII splashes down in the Atlantic Ocean after the completion of its mission.

December 13: In the Vietnam War, the United States bombs Hanoi, North Vietnam. This is the first time that the capital of North Vietnam has been bombed by the United States.

December 16: Chairman Mao Tse-Tung's "Little Red Book" is published for the first time in Beijing, China.

December 18: Dr Seuss' "H
ow The Grinch Stole Christmas" airs for the first time on network television.

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